Welcome to Coffee Pool -[COFFE]!

Cardano SPO、コーヒープール(COFFE)へようこそ!
Coffee Poolは、カルダノ(Cardano)の分散化を支える、小さなステークプールです。
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[Ticker] COFFE
[プールID] 1d2972246d8adda98836626a34e337525f5206e552715d28379b5fdb



[About Coffee Pool]
Coffee Pool is newly established staking pool. We are one of the Cardano enthusiasts motivated to accelerate decentralization of Cardano blockchain.

As a small SaaS(Staking As A Service) business, we offer you…

-A stable staking experience with AWS cloud server.
-Minimum range staking fee (margin:0%, fixed:340 ada)
-Providing high quality updates of Cardano and Cryptocurrency industries by an experienced journalist.

You can find us with “COFFE” or “Coffee Pool” in Daedalus or Yoroi Wallet.
[pool ID]1d2972246d8adda98836626a34e337525f5206e552715d28379b5fdb

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